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Penny Well

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Catching independent hiphop artist Penny Well at this point in his career is what he likens to jumping in a car that is already moving, and knows exactly where it is going. “I see entertainment as an art form. Every artist has a way of painting a picture and sending messages. I want to send good messages. I don’t want listeners turning off their music because grandma is nearby. I want to take hiphop music back to the essence.” 

Distinctive, strong, melodic, soulful, true; these are just a few words the Berkeley-bred artist uses to explain his refreshing soulhop & RnB flow, that’s mixed with a sound reminiscent of the 80s thru 90s. 

Photo by Derrick Oliver

Getting to this place of certainty as an artist involving a lot of big changes in Penny’s life; including a move from his Bay Area to LA, and a pen name change from “$hots”’ to Penny Well. “I wanted nothing to be made up, from my stage name to my lyrics. I want the world to know who I am and that it’s best to be yourself at all times, in any setting,” he says.

Penny’s love for creating music has been long instilled in the soul of this 80s baby. “I remember my friend and I wrote/recorded to a beat and put the song on cassette. I would take the cassettes to school and let friends listen. People seemed to like how I sounded and thought that I was dope lyrically. Since then, I immediately fell in love with music and never went away from it.”

The grind never stops for Penny, who In the past year alone has released 10 songs, and three videos; including his latest video production for “Shots Delivered,” and promotion of his #ThinkWell message campaign, which promotes the overall idea that ‘Good Thinking Promotes Good Living.” Heading into 2016 full speed, the MC is dropping his debut LP “The Copper LP out (January 1, 2016), continuing his launch of his “Ink and Paper” clothing line, promoting his new website, creating more videos, and preparing for a mixtape release for spring 2017.

 My biggest dream as a musician is to change what people look for in music. I want people to listen to lyrics more than simply bobbing to the beat. Meaningless lyrics can never be classic or timeless.”